A Simple Hello World page You want to create simple page to verify is working? Create hello.aspx file... Can I change my Web Hosting account name? You cannot change your Web Hosting account name. Can I get dedicated IP's on my Windows hosting account? Dedicated IPs are issued only to those hosting accounts that require the use of SSL certificates. Can I have individual FTP logins for each domain with my Windows hosting account? Windows Web Hosting accounts have only one FTP login. Do you support ASP (active server pages)? Yes, we support ASP and ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, and 3.5. However there are some restrictions on some... Do you support ColdFusion? No. Do you support Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions? Yes. Do you support PHP on your Windows Hosting? Yes, we support PHP 4 and 5 in Windows Do your Windows host accounts support SSL certificates? Yes they do. If you purchase an SSL Certificate from Tech Logic Solutions, you can apply it to a... How do I configure my Email program? Once you have associated a domain name and created an email account using that domain, you need... I'm Receiving the following error message: Application pool automatically disabled. You receive error message Service application unavailable on website. When checking IIS log,... I'm getting Unrecognized attribute 'targetFramework' Asp.Net error You upload website to hosting space and receive error Configuration Error Parser Error... Redirect a url with IIS URL Rewrite rule in Web.config Create a web.config file in folder of file you want to redirect. Content of web.config file:... What billing cycle options do you offer for Windows hosting accounts? We offer one-, six-, and twelve-month billing cycles. You can change to a longer billing period... What happens when my Windows Web Hosting account goes over its data transfer bandwidth limit? Our Windows Web Hosting accounts offer specific amounts of bandwidth, that is, delivery of your... What is the directory (folder) named "_private" and others beginning with an underscore? These are needed for FrontPage extensions. Renaming or deleting any of the files starting with an...
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