Is there a possibility to have a shared SSL certificate setup on the VPS?

Yes, it's extra option. We offer many different SSL's from low cost to the more higher cost certificates. SSL certificate will be installed on any of your domains, your clients will able to access it as

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Does my VPS server come with a control panel?

Yes, latest version Cpanel/WHM with every VPS free of charge.

How many VPS accounts will be setup per server?

We place 20-30 VE's on each VPS server.

How much disk space the OS is using on the VPS account?

VPS files and WHM/CPANEL install takes 1GB of webspace. But, this is not counted to your VPS...

How long does it take for the VPS to be setup?

All VPS ordered are processed within 24 hours. Usually it takes several hours to complete.

Do you support other cpanel softwares? Plesk, DirectAdmin

We are able to provide non cpanel VPS account. That will allow you to install any panel software....

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