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To connect to our RMS server please just go to your Ray Base settings and write our RMS hostname in RMS IP field. Then you will be able to run RMS-dependent widgets, such as Video Recorder, Video Chat, Whiteboard or Video Messenger.

Please login to Administrator area > Modules > Flash apps, and put into RMS Address field:

For Dolphin 7.0.4 and above versions:

For Dolphin 7.0.0-7.0.3 versions:

For Dolphin 6.x versions:

To confirm the Dolphin version you are running, please login into Dolphin admin panel => Dashboard

NOTE: If you are receiving "Unable to connect to RMS" after hitting save button - most likely the domain is not recognized by our RMS domain database which means free RMS addon service was not selected during initial signup process. No problem - please provide a domain name for RMS for manual activation.

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