Why are formmail scripts I have uploaded giving me a 403 Forbidden error?

Due to serious security issues with old versions of formmail scripts we have put block on the scripts file name. Hackers search webpages for the file name ‘formmail’ in order to exploit the outdated formmail scripts. Here is a list of filenames blocked on ALL SHARED/RESELLER servers:

formmail .php
formmail .cgi
formmail .pl

Solution #1:
You may rename formmail script filename to anything other than formmail.xxx. IE fmail.pl,fm.pl, or form.php and update the path to formmail script within your form pages.

Solution #2:
Use our secured formmail script located within your control panel=>CGI Center=> FormMail Clone, script url for your form page is going to be something like: http://domain.com/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi

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